Recent publications

Quantum imaging and information. O. S. MagaƱa-Loaiza and R. W. Boyd, Rep. Prog. Phys. 82, 124401 (2019). [Link] [PDF]
Ultrabroadband 3D invisibility with fast-light cloaks. K. L. Tsakmakidis, O. Reshef, E. Almpanis, G. P. Zouros, E. Mohammadi, D. Saadat, F. Sohrabi, N. Fahimi-Kashani, D. Etezadi, R. W. Boyd and H. Altug , Nature Communications 10, 4859 (2019). [Link] [PDF]
Performance analysis of d-dimensional quantum cryptography under state-dependent diffraction. J. Zhao, M. Mirhosseini, B. Braverman, Y. Zhou, S. M. H. Rafsanjani, Y. Ren, N. K. Steinhoff, G. A. Tyler, A. E. Willner, and R. W. Boyd, Phys. Rev. A 100, 032319 (2019). [Link] [PDF]

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University of Ottawa CERC group legacy website (2010-2017)
Max Planck- University of Ottawa Center for Extreme and Quantum Photonics
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