Recent publications
Measurement of the Photon-Plasmon Coupling Phase Shift. A. Safari, R. Fickler, E. Giese, O. S. Magaña-Loaiza, R. W. Boyd, and I. De Leon, Phys. Rev. Lett. 122, 133601 (2019). [Link] [PDF]
A primary radiation standard based on quantum nonlinear optics. S. Lemieux, E. Giese, R. Fickler, M. V. Chekhova, and Robert W. Boyd, Nature Physics (2019). [Link] [PDF]
Using all transverse degrees of freedom in quantum communications based on a generic mode sorter. Y. Zhou, M. Mirhosseini, S. Oliver, J. Zhao, S. M. H. Rafsanjani, M. P. J. Lavery, A. E. Willner, and R. W. Boyd, Optics Express Vol. 27, Issue 7, pp. 10383-10394 (2019).(Designated as an Editor’s Pick.) [Link] [PDF]

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