Recent publications

Nonlinear optical effects in epsilon-near-zero media. O. Reshef, I. De Leon, M. Z. Alam and R.W. Boyd, Nature Reviews Materials (2019). [Link] [PDF]
Quantum-limited estimation of the axial separation of two incoherent point sources. Y. Zhou, J. Yang, J. D. Hassett, S. M. H. Rafsanjani, M. Mirhosseini, A. N. Vamivakas, A. N. Jordan, Z. Shi, and R. W. Boyd, Optica 6, 534-541 (2019). [Link] [PDF]
Efficient nonlinear metasurfaces by using multiresonant high-Q plasmonic arrays. M. J. Huttunen, O. Reshef, T. Stolt, K. Dolgaleva, R. W. Boyd, and M. Kauranen, Journal of the Optical Society of America B 36, E30-E35 (2019). [Link] [PDF]

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