Recent publications
Experimental Limits of Ghost Diffraction: Popper’s Thought Experiment. P-A. Moreau, P.A. Morris, E. Tominelli, T. Gregory, R.S. Aspden, G. Spalding, R.W. Boyd, and M.J. Padgett, Scientific Reports 8, 13183 (2018). [Link] [PDF]
Quantum cryptography with twisted photons through an outdoor underwater channel. F. Bouchard, A. Sit, F. Hufnagel, A. Abbas, Y. Zhang, K. Heshami, R. Fickler, C. Marquardt, G. Leuchs, R.W. Boyd, and E. Karimi, Optics Express Vol.26, No. 17, 22564 (2018). [Link] [PDF]
Influence of pump coherence on the quantum properties of spontaneous parametric down-conversion. E. Giese, R. Fickler, W. Zhang, L. Chen and R.W. Boyd, Phys. Scr. 93, 084001 (8pp) (2018). [Link] [PDF]

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