Recent publications

Dynamic coherent perfect absorption in nonlinear metasurfaces. R. Alaee, Y. Vaddi, and R. W. Boyd, Optics Letters 45, Issue 23, 6414-6417 (2020) [Link] [PDF]
Fundamental Radiative Processes in Near-Zero-Index Media of Various Dimensionalities. M. Lobet,I. Liberal,E. N. Knall, M. Z. Alam, O. Reshef, R. W. Boyd, N. Engheta, and E. Mazur, ACS Photonics 7, 1965-1970 (2020). [Link] [PDF]
Fast generation and detection of spatial modes of light using an acousto-optic modulator. B. Braverman, A. Skerjanc, N. Sullivan, and R. W. Boyd , Optics Express 28, 29112-29121 (2020). [Link] [PDF]

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