Recent publications

Adiabatic Frequency Conversion Using a Time-Varying Epsilon-Near-Zero Metasurface. K. Pang, M. Z. Alam, Y. Zhou, C. Liu, O. Reshef, K. Manukyan, M. Voegtle, A. Pennathur, C. Tseng, X. Su, H. Song, Z. Zhao, R. Zhang, H. Song, N. Hu, A. Almaiman, J. M. Dawlaty, R. W. Boyd, M. Tur, and A. E. Willner, Nano Lett., 21, 14, 5907–5913 (2021). [Link] [PDF]
Tunable Doppler shift using a time-varying epsilon-near-zero thin film near 1550 nm. C. Liu, M. Z. Alam, K. Pang, K. Manukyan, J. R. Hendrickson, E. M. Smith, Y. Zhou, O. Reshef, H. Song, R. Zhang, H. Song, F. Alishahi, A. Fallahpour, A. Almaiman, R. W. Boyd, M. Tur, and A. E. Willner, Optics Letters 14, 3444-3447 (2021). [Link] [PDF]
Direct Tomography of High-Dimensional Density Matrices for General Quantum States of Photons. Y. Zhou, J. Zhao, D. Hay, K. McGonagle, R. W. Boyd, and Z. Shi, Phys. Rev. Lett. 127, 040402 (2021). [Link] [PDF]

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