Recent publications

Direct Tomography of High-Dimensional Density Matrices for General Quantum States of Photons. Y. Zhou, J. Zhao, D. Hay, K. McGonagle, R. W. Boyd, and Z. Shi, Phys. Rev. Lett. 127, 040402 (2021). [Link] [PDF]
Experimental demonstration of superresolution of partially coherent light sources using parity sorting. S. A. Wadood, K. Liang, Y. Zhou, J. Yang, M. A. Alonso, X.-F. Qian, T. Malhotra, S. M. H. Rafsanjani, A. N. Jordan, R. W. Boyd, and A. N. Vamivakas, Optics Express 29, 22034-22043 (2021). [Link] [PDF]
An optic to replace space and its application towards ultra-thin imaging systems. O. Reshef, M. P. DelMastro, K. K. M. Bearne, A. H. Alhulaymi, L. Giner, R. W. Boyd, and J. S. Lundeen, Nature Communications 12, 3512 (2021). [Link] [PDF]

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