Recent publications

Compressive ultrafast pulse measurement via time-domain single-pixel imaging. J. Zhao, J. Dai, B. Braverman, X-C. Zhang, and R. W. Boyd, Optica 8, 1176-1185 (2021). [Link] [PDF]
Turbulence-resilient pilot-assisted self-coherent free-space optical communications using automatic optoelectronic mixing of many modes. R. Zhang, N. Hu, H. Zhou, K. Zou, X. Su, Y. Zhou, H. Song, K. Pang, H. Song, A. Minoofar, Z. Zhao, C. Liu, K. Manukyan, A. Almaiman, B. Lynn, R. W. Boyd, M. Tur & A. E. Willner, Nature Photonics 15, 743–750 (2021). [Link] [PDF]
Handbook of Laser Technology and Applications. Nonlinear Optics, by Orad Reshef and Robert W. Boyd, a chapter in the Handbook of Laser Technology and Applications, Lasers: Principles and Operations (Volume One) Second Edition, Edited by Chunlei Guo and Subhash Chandra Singh [PDF]

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University of Ottawa CERC group legacy website (2010-2017)
Max Planck- University of Ottawa Center for Extreme and Quantum Photonics
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