Recent publications

Ultrafast modulation of the spectral filtering properties of a THz metasurface. L. Gingras, A. Jaber, A. Maleki, O. Reshef, K. Dolgaleva, R. W. Boyd, and J-M. Ménard, Optics Express 28, 20296-20304 (2020). [Link] [PDF]
Utilizing adaptive optics to mitigate intra-modal-group power coupling of graded-index few-mode fiber in a 200-Gbit/s mode-division-multiplexed link. R. Zhang, H. Song, H. Song, Z. Zhao, G. Milione, K. Pang, J. Du, L. Li, K. Zou, H. Zhou, C. Liu, K. Manukyan, N. Hu, A. Almaiman, J. Stone, M-J. Li, B. Lynn, R. W. Boyd, M. Tur, and A. E. Willner, Optics Letters 45, 3577-3580 (2020). [Link] [PDF]
Entanglement: quantum or classical?. D. Paneru, E. Cohen, R. Fickler, R. W Boyd and E. Karimi, Rep. Prog. Phys. 83, 064001 (2020). [Link] [PDF]

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