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Saad Bin Alam

M. Saad Bin-Alam is working in the field of metamaterial and nanophotonics. After completing a bachelor’s degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering at North South University in Dhaka, Bangladesh, he joined Prof. Ksenia Dolgaleva’s group at the University of Ottawa as MASc student in Electrical and Electronic Engineering. After completing his Master’s, Saad is continuing his research as a PhD student under the joint supervision of Prof. Ksenia Dolgaleva and Prof. Robert W. Boyd in the CERC group at the University of Ottawa.

Saad is currently working on the plasmonic metasurface and its applications, and nonlinear ‘Multiphoton’ microscopy of artificial structures. Earlier, he also worked on designing near-field subwavelength optical imaging devices enabled by surface plasmon polariton, and rectenna for harvesting ambient RF energy from the environment to energize battery-less sensor nodes.

Link of Saad’s publications (Google Scholar):